A Pocketful Of Sympathy

A pocketful of sympathy
Is really rather wonderful
To stop a scratch from stinging
Or a bruise from black and bluing

A pocketful of sympathy
Can stop a heart from hurting
Or catch a tear that's falling
Like a raindropp down a cheek

A pocketful of sympathy
Costs absolutely nothing
It's the cheapest kind of plaster
That you'll ever ever find

And a pocketful of sympathy
Is like Lindsay's Magic Pudding
'Cos the more of it you give away
The more you leave behind

by Alison Cassidy

Comments (2)

Lynnie: I don't believe you are the indifferent person, people who lack feelings, or concern for what is going on in the world are the indifferent individuals.
Lynnie, very nice, ... no pretending in this poem! Brian