My Indifference

I'd rather cry over a silly love song,
Than paste a smile upon my stoney face,
staring out at the world, totally unfazed.

I'd rather hurt being unseen,
Than thumb my nose and scoff out loud,
then hold my head straight through the crowd.

I'd rather smile and let it show,
through my eyes and through my soul,
Than to hide and bury it limp and cold.

I'd rather storm and rage and fight,
Than strangle these cries throughtout the night,
then pretend everything's alright.

by Lynnie Kim

Comments (2)

Lynnie: I don't believe you are the indifferent person, people who lack feelings, or concern for what is going on in the world are the indifferent individuals.
Lynnie, very nice, ... no pretending in this poem! Brian