My Inner Self

Do I reflect, each and every day,
Do I remain calm, come what may.

Or are my insides ugly, and eaten up.
Each day do I drink, a bitter cup.

Do I have, an axe to grind.
Or am I , always loving and kind.

Do I show to the world, a different me.
Put on a front, for them to see.

When talking about people, do I mind if they can hear.
Or do I hope, that they are nowhere near.

Am I greedy, selfish and haughty,
Bad mannered, with words that are naughty.

Do I swear and curse and shout,
And always throw, my weight about.

Do I expect everyone, to listen to my word,
And think that everything they say, is absurd.

If my insides were on the outside,
would people gasp with horror.

Would they pity me in silence,
and feel nothing but sorrow.

Or would they see beauty, all shining within.
Their trust and their love, would I win.

Do I meditate on my knowledge, an become wise.
Do people look at me, through loving eyes.

Am I an asset to everyone that I meet,
Do I reflect my inner self, as being smart and neat.

by Eunice Bolton

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