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My Insanity
DDM (11/01/1984 / Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada)

My Insanity

I walk in darkness, blinded by reality
I walk in fear, afraid of what may come to me
I walk in agony, wounded by what was done to me
I walk in shame, this world hates me

I walk and I walk getting closer and closer
Closer to my insanity

I look in regret, for those who are close to me
I look in remorse, for those who've been hurt by me
I look in sickness, Sickness of what is me
I look in denial, denying what I see

I look and I look seeing clearer and clearer
Clear to see my insanity

I hear in silence, silence so deafening
I hear in despair, crippling pain that huants me
I hear in demonic tones, the evil transforms me
I hear in dragons tears, tears that engulf the world

I hear and I hear getting louder and louder
Louder I hear my insanity

I feel in anguish, the pain of torn angels wings
I feel in coldness, coldness of the soul of death
I feel in dampness, dampened by the tears of destiny
I feel in terror, terror felt by the ghost of reason

I feel and I feel stronger and stronger
Getting stronger by my insanity

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This poem really strums my heart strings