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My Inspiration
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My Inspiration

You are my inspiration,
You are the reasons that I write,
You are the reasons why I dream and wish
If I were a boxer, you'd be the reason that I'd fight,
Into my soul, you breathed into it life
You awoken what many people thought was dead
Of dreams and truth and needs, I write once again
I never look backwards, now I march straight ahead.
I feel the way that I feel because of you
Time and GOD had placed your path to meet mine
I have never felt the way that I feel now
You are my inspiration until the end of time,
I will see you when we both are old and gray
I will see you when the world is full of despair
Then you will give me the inspiration to write again,
You will be the answer to this poets prayer.
You are my greatest inspiration
No matter what the time or year might be
Because of you I dream and I desire and then I write
And it is only you that can set this poets soul free,
And when the years do come, and then they must go
When I must leave to meet the Lord in his own time,
He will know of my work for GOD knows all
Then he will say love was his inspiration, and you were mine.

Randy L. McClave

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