WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

My Interest

I can't express how you've peaked my interest
The true beauty that you possess
You are a goddess and an empress
My life has just begun my sweetness
Some have wisdom yet they are not wise
For they can't see the goodness in your eyes

Short but sweet, petite and neat
Please let me sweep you off your feet
Caught like a deer in headlights
Let me spend all my days and nights
Call on me whenever you will
All your dreams I'll try to for fill

I will live up to everything you've wanted
By your charm now I am haunted
Caught in your web I will not put up a fight
Do with me as you will to your delight
Here's to you I give a toast
Now on this will be our milepost

Raise your glass and take two sips
For I now dream of kissing your lips
Hold me close in your loving arms
Fill me up with all your wonderful charms
To the test, I shall not waste not a single drop
desires at your command chop-chop

I will make your heart sing a new song
Your cravings I shall prolong
You will stay in my heart and mind
You are so loving, gracious, and kind
For me, if you would take a second look
For you, I would walk on glass barefoot

Now take me, take me as I am
You'll be my queen and I the king of Siam
Lead me for I now I can
Let me be your one and only man
Never I am smug nor try to be too clever
Let me love you from here on till forever

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