©my Intimate Pink


Pink is the color of abundance
Pink is the color of sustenance
Pink denotes tenderness
Like a new born babes innocence.

Pink has always been my favorite hue
Still love my teddy in that tender shoe
I love the pink dress that Barbie wears
Pleasant like a fairy she really cares.

Pink candyfloss remains my favorite
Love the way it melts nonetheless
Pink roses smile back and bid adieu
From the hedges when the cat calls mew.

Those pink blushes with all its radiance
Empower her with all its innocence
The divine rays of the morning sun
Tells us that the day is going to be full of fun.

I remember my pink dress
That was adorned with many a cress
My first lipstick of color pink
And my first love letter signed in pink ink.

The infants pink lips that suck
His mother’s pink nipples and sleep
Dreaming of valleys where pink cherries bloom
The skies with pink traces linger and loom
That’s the beauty of nature’s creation
We must never forget that to mention.

When I am sad and almost dripping
My pink bed and pink blinds are very soothing
It’s here that we wrote a fairy tale
We colored our wall that’s now gone pale.

Padmini Dutta Sharma

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Very nice! I loved the flow and mental pictures!

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