My Ireland (Song)

Poem By Kathleen West

Oh, my Ireland, you're bound to me
For you're the country, I long to see
I love your courage, so shining and true
For your people died for, the love of you

Ireland, the land of the green
With your valleys shining
And the air so clean
Ireland, the land of the brave
Will always be, my sweet home away

Oh, my Ireland, land of beauty and song
And your people so humble, loyal, and strong
The hardships you've suffered
Have just made you what you are
A people of compassion with a will to survive

Oh, my Ireland, the great emerald isle
Your children are many, and look to you with a smile
With a spirit unbroken, and no sweeter place can be found
Because once Ireland calls Ireland you're bound.

Kathleen West
January 23,2009

Comments about My Ireland (Song)

beautfull! ! 10++++........
I'm Irish too and also biased, but this is very well written. Who knows, when we're all dead MY IRELAND will probably become another adopted 'Irish song'!

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