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My Itinerary! !


Like an old melody straying down a deserted subway at night,
My itinerary goes around for a spin & falls around me like sawdust,
I start to live on borrowed breathe,
With the moan of a bee & the onion undraped.

All small talk gathers a morass of solemn dignity,
With nobody’s pride slashed or losing an identity,
All gossip has no objective correlativity,
Giving no notion of who or what is ripped.

A friendly smile is taken as an affront,
A jostle received in a crowd needs no effort,
I wave off the day in broad daylight,
Cover away from light, I walk through a shadow.

Along with the hum of daily static, I hear the quiet of my bones,
Wallow in a memory that creaks &groans to feel it’s presence,
I draw on an identical thirst of an absence,
In the fume &crackle of wood smoke, I search for my forbearance.

I no longer complain of battering at the reef,
By hearts clogged with mundane things that grip,
But feel drawn to them to lighten the thud of each heart skip.

The fleeting hours are thrown along with pebbles in a pond,
As each hour returns like a mishap drowned,
The tomcat patrolling on the broken wall,
In pursuit of delirious rapture & it’s bliss strolls, mocks my anguish, calls.

The Sun sieving through the leaves warns,
‘’All best &perfect things are a mistake’’.
The moon & stars too live in immortality with a blemish,
Only thing infinite is my audacity, rest all seems fake.


Seema. Joglekar
For those who dare to love &miss someone

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I wave off the day in broad daylight, Cover away from light, I walk through a shadow.................... .heart yet croons at times by shadow soul never knows least reeks of distinction....................wonderful write of philosophy by life, evocatively introspective yet ingenious by imagery and metaphors deserving much more than 10+++, thanks for sharing
Amazing. well written. nice thought.
Awesome philosophical theme....wonderful play of words...10/10
very nice reflective and philosophical well done cheers tc