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My Jacket

Here I am in your jacket,
It is very oversized yet it feels perfect.

I hold it very tight.
Hope one day, these creases I create don't tear the fabric even slight.
Why do I miss you at this time of the night?

If only I had the courage to tell…
The courage I found when I had that sentimental item to sell.

No one bought it because to them it seemed like trash.
A book which would only leave take some cash.
Meant more than anything I had in my stash.

It was given by you…
Strange enough that's why I never wanted to get rid of it too.

You are my muse.
Hence for these feelings is you whom I accuse.
Thoughts of you I rather put to better use.
Let me stop with this abuse.
You know that I am hopeless and never the type to seduce.
Or even give you what you want which will make you charmeuse.

That is nothing but a mere bribe.
Which can be tempting but never that of which I thrive.
I rather be caught stung by bees from a sweet bee hive!

Emotions felt from the heart,
Are better than those which come from a start.
By looks which paid a huge part.

by Safiyyah Manjra

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Thank you Gajanan! I try my best to write my feelings on paper.
emotions felt from hearts, good one