I' Wore A Seatbelt When I'D Shit

Some may dream of pretty girls
and others dream of guys
..........but all I ever dream about
is eating chocolate pies!

If I could eat everything I love
I'd grab a shopping cart,
and head right for the Frito-lays
and finish with apple tarts

If I could eat the things I love
without a heart attack,
I'd eat twinkies, hot dogs, Herhsey bars
and sundaies back to back!

But the truth is, I ate it all
til my clothes no longer fit.
I ate all day and ate all night
and wore a seatbelt when I'd shit!

And now I'm in the ICU
with a triple heart by pass,
and all these things I loved to eat
are memories of the past!

For the only food that I can have
comes pumped in through my veins
Without a BIG MACK in my mouth
By mornng I'l be INSANE!

by lenny roe

Comments (16)

In life we gain some and lose some. But if we can keep a logbook of it, we can gain an understanding of our gains and losses and that is what this poem beautifully conveys.
Something I lost forever something I gained again, value based life is marvellous and values are the nice jewels box. Excellent writing.
Life is a jewel box full of jewels of memories. One may say those jewels are one's own, I hope. About material things, it is true that nothing belongs to someone. Beautiful poem providing great philosophy of life.
In the course of life, some jewels we gain and some we lose! It is quite natural.....! As nothing is ours, even if we lose some of our material possessions, we don't have to regret over them much! 'Let things come and go'.... If we develop such an attitude, life will be easier! Ultimately we leave the world with nothing in our hands..... this thought helps us to see our losses in a better light! Great poem Geetha!
so beautifully expressed the sorrows and happiness of our lives that become jewels of our treasure box....each experience of our journey is precious even if some give pain yet they chisel our personality into finer beings.....10/10
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