'My Journeys On These Leas'

For a million year do I ruminate on my existence
Was it longing on existentialism I rhetorically asked
Ere half my days was I thinking of my mission yet maybe unborn
Embedded in the womb of this spontaneous girl
Even though my soul more bent to misogyny
To serve therewith my maker and present my virtous account
Lest it might return chide avoiding prodigality
But one phenomenon that changes any man
Makes many insane, a few derailed has began to
Make me grow pagan ebbing my mission and begining to derail
Now I knew there is no rigidity in the heart of any potent man
Like Cain drifting around with little flexibility
She gave me a lovely attack of her strategy
Being reluctant to fall in this mess of Delilah
But with the little pheromone I was already in love like Romeo
Now I knew there was no rigidity in me
But a flexible rigidity that could be perverted
She made me knew I was needing a spinal cord
Even for my pulpital pulpital mission to be accomplished
When I was called to the pulpit not ignominous
She showed me true colour of love and support
Now do I knew she was my Eve
A bone of my bone, a flesh of my flesh
I shall ever remain loyal for two million years
If we are made immortal till the conversion of the Jews.

by Israel Dammy Ipaye

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