My Joy

The long road of life is not always smooth
And cuts and scratches can be hard to soothe.
And sometimes it's hard to understand why
I can't find my way, let alone just try.

I've had my share of life's ups and downs
And have reasons not to smile but to frown.
But why should I so miserable be
And make everyone sad along with me?

When I smile it can ease all of my pain
And others see sunshine in the midst of rain.
So when life is rough and tears overflow
I ask God to give smiles as on I go.

This hasn't been easy to learn all this
And life isn't always sweetness and bliss.
I can't be joyful without God on my side
And in His strong arms there's a place to hide.

I pray for you that you can find this true
So you can be joyful through your life too.
Then we can comfort each other in pain
And in God's joy our lives can remain.

by Joy E. Krumdiack

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