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My Joy,

My Joy,
My joy will bless this soul,
I have a lover that you got to see,
Flowing on and on,
This is my dream,
Please never stop,
Keep on rising,
Wake up and live now,
Tell me that this is the joy,
I need mercy and grace,
The joy that our endeavours is to rise and never fail,

Protect me that I may see joy,
Love is all within this soul,
In all that is to be done,
There is more glory in love,
My joy is all to tell me Beauty of Heavenly Glory,
I need to hear all about the events that are great,
The Good stories will come and save us,
My fanaticism is to see that we have the truth that is killing all evil's,
Be responsible for all that you do,
No more fighting,
Stop it all the time,
Embrace love and see glory.

by maxpoet beauty

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