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My Juliet
KO (9/22 / Bronx, NY)

My Juliet

My dear Juliet,

I love you. There's not much else to say there. What do I love about you? Well, how you can make me smile when you aren't even there. How looking into your eyes seems to always make me feel like you were sent down to earth for me. How even the most irrelevant facts about you seem to just pop up into my head. How when my mind drifts for some reason my thoughts always lead to you. Maybe it's how gorgeous you are just idly sitting. You're like my kryptonite, but yet wrapped in lead. I just don't know what to do. I'm stuck here wishing. My mind is telling me I should stay as far away as possible. But my heart says I want you close to me, and it sounds more logical. I'm feeling less like Romeo and more like Paris now that I think about it. Though my reasoning is legitamate, there's something and someone in our way. I wish I could be in your world, but the chair on the ouside is where I sit. Sometimes I look into the mirror and despise the reflection because you aren't in it. I can't seem to tell you I love you enough. Even if I say it a million times, that million and first time isn't tough. In fact it seems easier the more I tell you I love you. I feel like for the first time I actually can justify my emotions and I know they're true. Like how if ever you're upset, I want to murder anyone who is causing you grief. If it's ever me causing you that pain, I feel like committing suicide to make you smile again. If I hadn't recklessly given you my heart, I'd call you a theif. Because I want it back and you're holding it until god knows when. I'm starting to do fine without it, just a bit lovesick. It's funny, it just took the course of a conversation and I was into you, like some sort of magic trick. Something, actually everything about you was just plain incredible. On the other hand, to you, I'm just forgettable. Sometimes when we talk, I feel sparks, but you're wearing rubber gloves. I'm amazed that people can actually feel this way. I feel it too, and now I'm so sure that this is love. If ever anyone breaks your heart, and leaves you wishing and hopin, join me... The heartbreak club's doors are wide open. Until then, I stand here alone waiting on your arrival. Maybe you'll bring my heart back and I can have a revival.

- Crying Wolf

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