Cherries grow on trees,
Potatoes grow in the ground.
Love grows in my heart
Because you are around

by LaTisha Parkinson

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is this a true story of crime... i am going to prison on april 13 for a crime i didn't commit. yes i was guilty of violating my probation by using drugs - i relasped. but they claimed to have found enough cocaine to charge me with felony possession - and offered me a plea bargain of 1 year accepting that plea (although I knew I did not have enough cocaine to be charged with that crime) , they scared me with saying if i went to trial i could be convicted of 5-7 years... but after i plead guity to the charge, THE DA STATED THEY HAD NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE AND IF I HAD GONE TO TRIAL I WOULD HAVE BEEN ACQUITTED. See what PUBLIC PRETENDERS (defenders do) , absolutely nothing. that's a job they should just not have people doing. it's a worthless profession, and it locks innocent people up. but that's just my opinion. i agree i violated my probation but that is a misdemenor as punishable by max 6 months in jail. life's not fair. ever.