Look. May has come in.
It's strewn those blue eyes all over the harbor.
Come, I haven't had word of you in ages.
You're constantly terrified,
Like the kittens we drowned when we were little.
Come and we'll talk over all of the old same things,
The value of being pleasant,
The need to adjust to the doubts,
How to fill the holes we've got inside us.
Come, feel the morning reaching your face,
Whenever we're saddened everything looks dark,
When we're heartened, again, the world crumbles.
Every one of us keeps forever someone else's hidden side,
If it's a secret, if a mistake, if a gesture.
Come and we'll flay the winners,
Laughing at our self leapt off the bridgeway.
We'll watch the cranes at work in the port in silence,
The gift for being together in silence being
The principal proof of friendship.
Come with me, I want to change nations,
Change towns. Leave this body aside
And go into a shell with you,
With our smallness, like sea snails.
Come, I'm waiting for you,
We'll continue the story that ended a year ago,
As if inside the white birches next to the river
Not a single additional ring had grown.

by Kirmen Uribe

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is this a true story of crime... i am going to prison on april 13 for a crime i didn't commit. yes i was guilty of violating my probation by using drugs - i relasped. but they claimed to have found enough cocaine to charge me with felony possession - and offered me a plea bargain of 1 year accepting that plea (although I knew I did not have enough cocaine to be charged with that crime) , they scared me with saying if i went to trial i could be convicted of 5-7 years... but after i plead guity to the charge, THE DA STATED THEY HAD NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE AND IF I HAD GONE TO TRIAL I WOULD HAVE BEEN ACQUITTED. See what PUBLIC PRETENDERS (defenders do) , absolutely nothing. that's a job they should just not have people doing. it's a worthless profession, and it locks innocent people up. but that's just my opinion. i agree i violated my probation but that is a misdemenor as punishable by max 6 months in jail. life's not fair. ever.