HN (7/18/1993 / Grand Rapids, Michigan)

My Key

The key to my heart
To my soul.
From my fingers down to
My toes,
Dripping in brilliant scarlet love
Searching for a key
To my deepest thoughts above
Seeking desire to
Contemplate reasons to
Keep myself away from
Going to the point where
Theres no return
Where I can be forever
Forever loved.
Forever Untied.
From the problems of the world.
I must find the door to my deep.
A pass to my insides.
I still have yet to find my way through
I need the key
To the place where never ends meet.
The day shall come soon
Where I locate the key to
Unlock my dark but bright end
Unlock my hated but loved side
Unlock my torn but mended portion
Deep inside somewhere, I heard there was that door
And locked away are true feelings
Stored away is true happines
But I know that...
Love heavily guards the outside of my
Door and the path to which I
Will someday unlock it.

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Great poems you have there. Unlocking the doors of your being...Just love it all...10 for u Cate