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My Kind Of Girl

My kind of girl stands upright
With straight legs as perfectly paired
Walking soundly like a marching bride
Through red carpets in the path of an aisle.

My kind of girl is as cool as snow
Wielding an innocence of a flower girl
Bearing a smile as natural as nature
With an appealing stare to always nurture.

My kind of girl stays courteously still
Having the courtesy of a gentle lady
Deserving honour and emanating respect
From all and sundry who knows she's creamy.

My kind of girl is sophisticated in appeal
knowing not just what, but how to say
Possessing a gait of a modelic princess
With a reserved pull-out from awkwardness.

My kind of girl bears a fine-toned accent
A pitch as smooth as a hummingbird
Having a unique way of pronouncing my name
And singing sonorously to send me asleep.

My kind of girl is hard to come by
Deserving the recommendation of our elders
Racing my pulse to see the lightening
To hear the sound of the thunder as well
And actually know I've fallen in love.

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