Queens, Make Your Kings

belittle not your kings
Instead, build your broken kings
Snatch not kings built by other queens
Make your own kings

Your kings are targeted
Enemy won't rest till they're defeated
So, don't kick them while they're down
For, it takes a woman to build a better man

Queens fight their kings' battles
They die to save their kings' kingdoms
They are lifelines of kingdoms
So, make your kings, queens

Girl child,
Boy child needs your guidance to know your essence
Don't let him guess while you in silence
For, your command brings out of him, brilliance

In shadows sail, O, daughter of nature
Without you, his kingdom collapse
It perishes within his arrogant musculinity
It's a pity he's always in denial
That you are life of what he represent

Queens, make your kings
Make them surrender to your essence

by Ndina Kamaro Muofhe

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