My Kingdom

Poem By Hasmukh Amathalal

I shall say no to everything
Except one for simple reason being
That it keeps me in jovial mood
Dreams have remained always tonic or food

I might have suffered stress during the day time
I might have cursed life even sometimes
But the moment I am handed over to deep sleep
I have every reason to smile and need not weep

I wear jewels thudded crown
The empire is of my down
I rule the kingdom
Where there is all kind of freedom

Thousands of courtesans bow their head
I acknowledge their greetings as head
Everybody is ready to obey and oblige
I sink with joy and feel more than the size

Dream palace is nice place
Where you are never in race
You live along and act as per wishes
End is nice with very good finish

Best of the people are at your service
Beautiful ladies take care much to your surprise
You have everything at your disposal
With lots of people standing in queue for proposals

Here I have no threat to my existence
I spend time at ease and with consistence
There is no room for any kind of worry
You are troubled only when woken up with sorry

It is poor man's kingdom
Where no one wants to miss seldom
This is only place where you can easily relax
With no surcharge, no levy or any kind of tax

Comments about My Kingdom

A witty and careful composition to elucidate a poor man's life as a bliss. The flow is smooth, and you have develpoed the ideas wel. Thank you. Kumarendra Mallick
Date & Time: 2/25/2012 9: 44: 00 AM Remove this comment Poem: 29999178 - My Floreann Cawley One wonderful and great write..Floreann
good poem Hasmukh

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