My Krishna

You are in my eyes, Krishna
you can’t go with my consent
Just come with well-groomed
and play with me
here, all Gopikas is dancing;
Why you stand aside Krishna
I am waiting for you,
to dance with you,
why you so?
See, the moon is looking us
play your flute, Kanna
I want to dance, in this moonlight;
I came, for the sake of love
Krishna! You take me across to the shore
I have no peace by now
they said, I am mad
I am thirsty for you, Krishna
I crossed this sea, thy of your power
My hearts find unbearable
My darkness had gone of fire
some blame me, but I take the way
My ‘Giridhar’, my life
Love! bind me to you.


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Hare Krishna! Your ecstatic poem is heartfelt. It is said that Lord Chaitanya threw himself into the sea, enchanted by its color - dark blue. Every iteration of the name of Krishna is a blessing to the Earth, and indeed to all beings. Thank you for mentioning this holy sound.