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My Lady

My lady is the finest Monet
Filling my horizon with a landscape of beauty

My lady is the scent of the morning
Arousing my being before the taint of the day

My lady is the sound of a sparrow
Capturing my imagination in song

My lady is the touch of an angel
Energizing the heart of my soul

My lady is the wisdom of ages
Challenging my every thought with goodness

My lady is the taste of ambrosia
Sustaining my hunger for life

My lady fills my senses

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The quantity of your poem list may be scant but the quality makes up for it. (and I see by the dates that writing interest now lags) Read mine – We the Unencumbered – Adeline
J.P, wonderfully.... Your lady will really justify the status of a surprising muse ...10... Tsira
that is great, romantic tribute to your lady indeed. filled with emotions.. nice cheers shan
Now this is just how I would want my man to feel and express about me. Every girls dream. Beautifully romantic poetry that floats my boat with ease. Smiling at you, Tai