*my Lady

Some of the things
That make my lady
Happy are
Picnics on beautiful sunny days
Watching her friends fail
and poetry.

It will be a beautiful day
And I’m taking my lady
On a picnic and will read her
A poem about how one of
Her friends failed.

My lady will surely be so happy.


by Arsiema Berhane

Comments (5)

'watch her frineds fail! ' umm that was kinda funny...but yes very well analysed and written poem! Preets
There is an innocent beauty to your poetry, even when you make us laugh about the dark side of human nature! !
Well, Hidden underneath this mirth is a universal truth. I like this one. A 10 from me Anjana
Well, this poem certainly expressed a lot about - um, you know, human psychology and so forth. I laughed and laughed! It's a very fine poem! Yet very serious indeed... I see hidden depths and so forth, deep streams. But I can't quit laughing anyway. Although I try. Absolute 10+ for this one! The beauty of the verse is to be complimented.
The more I read this poem, the more I like its cool tone and quirky off-beat humour. It's a good one and gets a well-earned 10 from me!