A Summer's Day

As i wake in the morning
to the smell of lemon tea
I hear the birds chirping
and the buzz of a bee
Oh! What a beautiful day it was,
that summer's day
As i see kittens play
in the wonderous feilds of green
I never will forget this lovely scenery
The rose's wide awake
The warmth of summer's sun
The glitter from the lake
And the children having fun
The smell of homemade pumpkin pie
And The tiny white clouds in the sky
The sound of early train
The smell of the past rain
Oh! How i wish i were a flower
in this grand glorious day-
or a bird in the sky,
that i watch fly away.

by Medusa Waves

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Comments (6)

This is Literature. The stuff we dream of writing ourselves. All these lines flow, all carry truth, and all impact us personally.
Exceptionally well-crafted writing that so precisely re-creates the peace and solitude of a wind-swept grave site, where mourning gives way to the ordinary transactions of continued living.
Her smiles of love! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A fab poem..Good rhyming!
A beautiful drop. Enjoyed thoroughly.10+++
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