My Laptop Is In My Lap

My laptop is in my lap
I stare at the blank screen with my blank head.
Today I want to write a poem for someone
who touched my heart
filled my soul with love
made my life worthwhile
dragged me out of ditches
gave me a shoulder to lean on
lifted my spirits from dumps
to make me soar high.

It is you, you, my love
I would have withered in the desert sun
had you not been my life line.
All what I write is for you
All what I do is for you.
Heer, in hunger, stranded with
her Punjabi Ranja lover, did not know
he made a meal for her out of his thighs.
I will cut open my chest and give my heart to you
for love you give me day and night.
My life is yours, will always be.

by Ravi Kopra

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Love for laptop no less than love between Romeo and Juliet. Excellent creation.