My Last Few Moments With Blue

I remember this one afternoon,
When i sat next to you,
And it's funny that you already know,
that you're blue...
the girl with an evil smile,
As far as i can remember
it was a rainy afternoon,
but my heart feels warm when i'm with you,
And i'm happy as long as i know
that you're not feeling blue,
it states on that smile
which i can clearly remember,
Now on that euphoric rainy afternoon,
i'm spending time with you,
and i'm happy that you already know,
that you're blue,
then suddenly, you smiled at someone...
fortunately it was your dad,
you have to go now, i know...
But thatnks for this afternoon, ]
for building short moments with you
that i know will surely last,
you walk with your dad under the rain,
i wish it was me,
but it doesn't matter, i felt deeply happy,
knowing that youre protected is what i desire.

-Blue Knight

by Geovanni Leaño

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Excellent poetic narration.............