W (11/7/87 / My Depressed Heart)

My Last Goodbye

The Best Way To Die,
I Slit My Wrist,
Like They Broke My Heart.

With Anger,
And Passion,
And A Hint,
Of Hatred.

My Life Defines Me,
I Am A Monster,
I Am The Beast,
I Will Rip, Rend And Tear.

I’ve Broken Hearts,
To Few To Name,
Isn’t Mine By Any Means.

Now It’s Time,
Time To Leave,
From This Cursed Place,
That Caught me In It’s Scheme.

Forever Will I Sleep,
But Never Rest Peacefully,
For Mine Is The Conscience,
That Will Never Cease.

For The Things I’ve Done,
I’ll Rot In Hell,
And Make Others Thrilled,
By My Misery.

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