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My Last Goodnight
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My Last Goodnight

Poem By Krystal ...

Yesterday I finially broke down and cried
I remembered all those times you looked into my eyes
Then I relized if I keep crying
And stop trying where will that get me
I kept looking for answers to questions I couldn't even find
Why can't I leave your memory behind
Some people give up on themselves and spend there whole lives waiting on someone else
I don't wanna be like that
What's life if I don't get over you
You know my heart will always have a place for you
And I'll be here no matter what you are going through
At the end of each day I'm still gonna pray for you
What's life if I don't get over you
I hate that you believe we can't be friends
I want you as my friend
If you don't wanna be
I'll respect that
It's alright
My minds not gonna let me forget you without a good fight
I can't keep playing these games
I'm soooo sick of being the on with all the blames
If I burn all your pictures and watch them go up in flames maybe that'll help
I've already found somebody else
What's life if I don't get over you
I need to be happy too
So I guess this is good-bye to you
I used to hate to say good-bye
Now it's worth giving a try
I wish I could say, ' see ya later'
Guess I'll do myself a favor
What's life if I don't get over you
Now I have the answer
And full of broken dreams that won't come true

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