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My Last Heartbreak
AM (21/11/67 / Plymouth Uk)

My Last Heartbreak

I hear the ticking the clock
To the sound of my heart beating
Fools like me how we never say
Because the cracks always break in front of me
I feel my heart ticking away
Help me see that things can mend
I am moving and living for another day.
I come home and see you standing there
Why have we lost all the times we had?
I am kind of sad now it all gone and done!
I wish I could turn time back
You know I would if I could
I wish I kept my big mouth shut
Why does this hurt like my first cut?
I am not the woman I used to be
We all have our feelings changed
I hope you will see that I am the one
But here you are moving out
I want to stop you walking away
The rain is hitting the window
As I watch you drive away
I will stand at this window day by day
Then one day my heart will heal.
I thank you for all the breaks because that
Has made me who I am who is so real.

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