BR (April 15,1988 / Vermillion AB)

My Last One For You!

I hope you like this one. As I smile and cry for you
This one is for you, my last one for you
I’ve written all the words I can for you
Running along side this road, I’ll never forget you

I know your right, its all my fault
Well maybe a bit of yours
It was going to end, it had to end
a lot of words spoken, but no action.

Remember all those times we shared
Staying up all night, wrestling under the bed sheets
Getting so wasted falling into each other arms
I don’t, because you never let me in

I’ll lose grip and let you fall
Down, down, down into his arms
You’ll be alright I promise
There’s just no need for me to be here anymore

Lets say sorry we’ll really try this time
What’s the point I know you and I
Different like fire and ice. Polar opposites
Someday this road will take me back to you

Don’t look sad, it’s the season for falling apart
Settle into routine, fall into your place
Watch me disappear through your thoughts
You’ll be ok without me, you always have been.

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great poem i luvvvvvvvvvv vit -10 anjali (if time permits do read mine YOUR ALWAYS IN MY HEART)