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My Last Wish
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My Last Wish

Poem By Brian Keith Smith

When I die, cut out my heart
And feed it to lions
So that my poor body
May know of greatness and might

When I die, cut out my soul
Bless it to the heavens
So that my poor soul
May know of vastness and light

When I die, cut out my spirit
Send it to my children
So that my energy
May distinguish wrong from right

When I die, cut out my eyes
Offer them to a blind man
So that my vision
May give the gift of sight

When I die, cut out my mind
Offer it to the world
So that my unfinished work
May separate the day from the night

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Comments (4)

A poem encouraging us to live life the best we can. For when we die who will live for us?
A great start with a nice poem, Brian K. S. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
An excellent poem Marvelously inscribed
You definitely have something going here, Brian. This was an enjoyable read, very coherant.