My Last Wish

Poem By Kranthi Pothineni

I can see it clearly
And I can hear too
To the sound of drums
And can see rising dust
Coming to my door steps

I knew it’s not far
I knew it’s very close
By hearing the foot steps
It tells they are nearby
Tells my time is nearing

I knew they are strong
And they have the power
So they can do anything
I knew, I will lose
Per sure in their hands

They will come with force
And they will drag me
With their strong hands
To my own door steps
And they will cut me

But before cutting head
They will ask my wish
Will ask my last wish
Then my wish will be
“May you all live forever”

Comments about My Last Wish

What a wish. What a heart.
What a heart! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Bold interspections, Kranthi..................................
in GODS house you will stay, when they come to take you away and yet! you still had time to pray. they can take your body, but not your soul that is something that only GOD holds. this is a beautiful write. a double ten.
Haha love your flow beautiful great work, , Mayb the ending of this poem should be...I will always love well mayb haha 10sssss

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