My Legacy

Hi I'm 'him',

I am a good feeling in the back of your mind, not necessarily a person, or name, but the warmth and laughter associated with a good time, my legacy is the reason for smile that you remember that grew on your face and decided to stay a while, way back when in that moment you hold dear in your heart. An influence that adjusted your velocity on the path that is, your life, for the better. My legacy can be described as, joy, wisdom, and a seed planted in the back of your mind, that hums in a subconscious chorus singing to you to be more. My legacy is the betterment of the times and the people, that is my legacy, my legacy is 'him'.

by Alim Lamont

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Amazing emotions with steady flow are evident in the wonderful write. Enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
Welcome to PH. Having good feeling on friendship backing on mind is definitely fantastic. Wise poem shared.10