My Life

Base pain, my loves companion.
Torn hearts, on which to dwell.
If not for love lamented,
I'd have no tale to tell.

A search for life's contentment.
Exploring grief and joy.
The wonders of God's nature.
The time I was a boy.

I'll write them all once over,
Such things as may be said.
And hope they'll be as joyful,
As anything you've read.

But if you find them boring,
Or not your cup of tea.
Remember it's my story,
However it would be.

So take some time to linger.
A moment of each day.
It's just for your enjoyment,
I wrote my life this way.

Because this is a special poem which reflects my life and my
poetry it has earned a special place in my own Hall Of Fame.


Comments (17)

as well as it should be, if not among others. beautifully written, very heart felt.
O it is an excellent poem. Love.
Oh, this is just great! It's so open, it presents you personality in full, I believe. This is paragon of a poem. It's very clear why it occupies a special place in you Hall of Fame. It can easily do in anyone's. Thanks alot...
it is your life, and we only have to listen and not be judgmental..Go ahead and include this to your personal Hall of Fame..All of us did that, once in a while. this is a great and lovely write. Hugs from here, Meggie
This is a wonderful poem, it has a lovely flow, top marks my friend. Best wishes, Andrew
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