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My Life.
YF ( / New Rochelle)

My Life.

Poem By Yaritza Florencio

My life seems to be made of miscalculations
Of A web of failed relations,
Never exceeding, already placed expectations,
And of false worded yet true, accusations.

A little pot over pouring with complications
A few precious moments of concentration
Suspiciously promiscuous moments of celebration
And of early freedom, a hasty declaration

Giving all people a thought out consultation
Of sex, drugs and death, a clean combination
A small dropp of weak motivation
A sick game with a sick reputation

My life… Here it is, a legal publication
An account given with no limitation
A person who has been observed but has made no observation
A terrible asset, to a good situation.

A person too terribly scared of long obligation
Someone too infamous to need invitations
This all leads to a life of bad negotiations
A life filled with failed examinations

Made up of large modifications
And long ass evaluations
Pages of fucking considerations
And a lot of unmet qualifications

This is my lie, a string of ignored revelations
Of horribly stupid ass fluctuations
Of untaken medications
And the worst of all, of tasted temptations

My life, yes life, is an unfilled application
Damned from now since its creation
My life on sale to the one with the best conversation
My stupid life, on your screen, for your interpretation

So baby, be patient, cure my hurting parts
Give my pessimistic life a brand new start
Don’t let a situation kill me and drag us apart
Remember that now you’re dealing with my life, because ive already lost my heart……………

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Comments (2)

well penned down. great composition
Nice metaphor, nicely composed, touchy also. 10 with pleasure.