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My Life

See i'm not perfect, i'm so far from it.
I make mistakes, i break promises for those who don't understand
yes i have flaws. I can't be perfect because no one around me is
No one around me see's my potiential.
See i'm going through something yea you can call it a phase
becasuse I see myself coming out and be victorious......
My 'friends' i have realized are really enemie, and my enemies
have been come nonexsitent.
A seperation from me is wat everyone wants, but no one wants
to move like a bunch of first graders who don't want to leave
the playground.
I'm tired of people who can't add value
to me and are only decreasing me.......
You see my life can not be
duplicated, or copied
because i am an original.
Only i can go through my struggles, experience my pain,
deal with my hardships and enjoy the good times.
I hate that you tried to mold me into your perfect vision
and when you notice that you were failing
you left me half done.
You took away my securites so now i'm insecure,
you took my self-esteem and trashed and now i
hate to look at myself........ You destroyed my life........

So now i have to rebuild my life into something i am proud of....
I have to because this perfect vision of my life is not really
My life

by Brittany Jones

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