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My Life

My life has grown ever so long
Over the evergreen to red clay and desert sands
From The Pacific and Puget Sound to Pecos River dry
Covering nearly half of God's great land;
Today, i move in smaller circles...
I am in fine company with the Blue Jay and Wren
Touched and kissed by the Butterfly and Bee...
And fragranced by a Pink Rose, now and then;
Smiling all the while in such brillant light
This Texas sun-simply glows...
But never shall i ever forget the gentle rains that fell
That helped Washingtons evergreen to grow;
And when that day has finally come
That i know life for me is all but done...
I will kiss the Dawn-and embrace the Sunset long
Caress the Night-walk into The Light-as the Creator and i become one!

February 10,2012
By, Theodora Onken

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