BKJ (8-12-82 / Phoenix, Az)

My Life

When I was growing up
the life I lived was hard
I couldn't quite comprehend
why, life would deal me this card.
I grew up without my parents around
so, basically I raised myself
from everything like ironing my clothes
to putting food into my mouth.
I hated this feeling of being alone
but there was nothing I can do
just imagine everywhere you look
the only person you see is you.
I remember, everyday after school
I would sit on my porch and see
all the other kids playing and laughing
happy as can be.
I wanted to share these emotions
but no one was ever around
couldn't hear a single voice
or any footsteps on the ground.
The only thing I had to offer
was a lonely frown
I'm treading in this ocean of sorrow
hoping that I do not drown.
So, I just spent most of my time
just staring at the front door
with the hope that someone will walk right through
with a promise of something more.

by bobby kramer jr.

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