In Love, Yet Tired Of Waiting

I want simply to be loved as I love you.
If that seems to much then you never catch up.
'IN LOVE, ' I never wanted to feel this way,
yet for you I thought it worth the chase.
However I never got my place
Love was you race, so why couldn't you keep the pace.
I 'm both a king and a prince, but I feel in love and haven't felt that way since.
I thought I should have you because of all the time spent.
It was you who said my blacked heart didn't make any sense,
So why in darkness I only payed for my consequence.
So why would I remain with you?
I'd say I'm writing this to help decide our fate,
I've paid for our love in anguish and sloitude, and you entertain wishes of another dude.
but it is no longer you and me cause this isn't our first date.
So please respond soon
wait it is too late,
for I am done with you.
Respond soon if its worth the debate!

by Sadistic Cupid

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