SB (5 18 of 1990 / California)

My Life

I sit around waiting. for something i hope to come true. i sit around wishing. for someone to show me that love is true. is love a myth? has all chivalry died. not in me. i long to love. to share more than a night with someone. to gaze deep into my loves eyes and see a spark of wanting. i feel hurt. hurt because i know this day will not come. anytime soon at least. i wish and i wish. i want and i want. but why is it the wicked who carelessly take what i want. why must i be tormented on a daily basis with the thought of this dream. my life is unraveling each day at the seam. i try to express myself and i am told that im strange. but individuality is all i need in my life at this point. but yet i long to be loved. i long to love. i long for the day to see that spark like haileys comet in my lovers eye. i long to share candles by fires side. how long can i keep this dieing dream alive.

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Hey thts a good write but u got 2 break this down in stanza poetry is about the flow Remember my poem the my pen? You 2 break it down so more ppl will read your work