My Life

She said she loved him,
what went wrong?
Him drinking,
and her thinking, why,
what did i do wrong?

She said she loved him,
but barely anymore,
because she found out he was drinking more.
He can not stop because hes sick,
but when his daughter asks him to stop,
the only thing he can say is, 'I cant, but i love you, I love you with all my heart.'

How could he still be drinking,
when its tearing me apart.
And I wondering, why,
what happend to his heart?

Now our family is falling apart.
And all I can do is
wish and pray
for him to be rescued from this disease.
And for she to love him,
just once more, again

by Krista Wakeman

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keep praying for your dad, Krista. I'll pray for both of you, too