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Engagement Ring
MK (12-22-88-Present / lakeland Florida)

Engagement Ring

Poem By Theresa Ann Moore

A diamond is a piece of sparking glass.
It has a superior hardness that will last.
Cut facets create a bright dazzling spray.
The owner proudly wears it to display.

This rare rock was removed of the earth’s skin.
Are there exceptional abilities hidden within?
Does it hold natural powers beyond knowledge?
As it is lovingly given with a matrimonial pledge.

The jewel is securely mounted to a ring of gold.
It is a keepsake that reinforces a choice to uphold.
It faithfully represents many hopes and dreams.
It is a treasure that is outshined by what it means…

The radiant gem symbolizes an eternal romance.
It unites two people ready for a life-altering chance.
When it is placed on third finger of the left hand…
It becomes a promise as it joins a wedding band.

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wonderfully written That should be said at the wedding of that ring Instead of 'With this ring............