My Life

My life is full of misery,
Not one such happiness.
The way I live my life, no one wants to be.
I just want to be held and cared for the best.

I try to live, like everyday is my last.
I want to get a new life,
Not this one which is full of trash.

My parents are divorced,
Well that's what it seems.
I want my wishes to come true,
That is what I dream.

As the abuse gets much harder,
I try to put it in the past.
The rays of sunlight I barely see,
I wish would just last.

As my sight grows darker,
And I lose conciousness.
I start to see a bright light
One that I cannot fight.

I am in a place with eternal rest.
Now I am treated like I'm the best.
As I look down upon the earth,
My parents wonder how I got hurt.
Now, I finally put them in the back of my mind.
I was treated badly the first, but not the second time.

by Nick Ramos

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Very sad write here Nick, I have no words.Love Duncan