My Life

Chug Chug Chugging along
Train blows by like a whistling song
Moving fast then moving slow
Where we are going no one knows

High up in the mountains
Then down to the sea
We follow the road
Down a path that will only grow

Stop and go, right or left
Which way to go, only I will know
I make my decision, hoping it is the right one
Now a winding road comes around, the curve is bowed

My journey is long and winding
I take it to the left and then to the right
Hoping my path will lead up to the end
How do I know if my choice is right?

So many paths to choose from
My oh my am I here to stay
Stopped for a few but time to move again
I think I am on my way

Finally the end is near
My path has led me to redemption
I have made so many mistakes in my life
My choices, in the end, were given an exception

Written July 29th,2017

by Dawn Keller

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