My Life

Devoured, but still think I am winning. The game of life, ruled by me (I think)but have been played all along. Time is laughing into my hands. Singing 'the past' song.

I have compromised for conventions. By killing my feelings on every steps. Thrown myself into this wild goose chase. In hope of something I don't even think I wanted to get.

Is it too late?
Am I long gone?
Is there no hope?
The questions I ask myself every day. In silence I sleep bidding adieu to this play. To be woken up in same, again to get slayed.

by Abhinav Maurya

Comments (2)

An insightful poem. Through constant analysis and probing, one can find a way out of the quagmire. A very fine expression indeed. Thanks a lot, Dear Poet.
Witty introspection set aside for sober reflection. A well conceived thought provoking rendition. Thanks for sharing.