My Life And The World

The headache throbs, the meds don't work, and everyone is asking. It's happening again, like I'm coming out AGAIN! ! That already happened.7th grade, I remember, I was there. OMG I'm effing GAY! ! ! Just because I'm different gives you a right to hate me! ? ! I thought Harassment was illegal, apparently it isn't. Wow, If I called an African American, a Nigger, then i would be arrested for a hate crime or attacked. So i can't do anything when I'm called a Fagot. How does that work. It DOESN'T. it is still hate, it is still harassment. Then I cant be happy. huh? uh no. Have you read the Declaration of Independence ' Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness'. Then I can' get married to the one I love. WAIT A MINUTE. How do straight people get 5,6,7 marriages but i cant get effing 1. Aren't all men created equal. Constitution people, Constitution. Wow, this need to be changed. we need to do something about this. BUT we can't there are too many people who think being Gay is wrong. Well whatever it's who i am, its my life and you ain't changing me. So.

(Date: Thurs.11/6/08)
(Time: 6th Period Spanish 1)

by Charlie Helms

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Lovely outburst Charlie.Theres nothin wrong for being a gay.Go and enjoy your wonderful life.Nice piece.