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My Life As A Stripper
NB (12/25/1975 / Armenia)

My Life As A Stripper

Poem By Nadalia Bagratuni

here was a bond between us,
Much stronger than most!

I felt this chemical chain reaction,
As I spend nights with many different men.

I know their fingers,
I feel their touch,
I get walked on,
Spat on and looked down upon.

However, no matter the condition I must do my job,
Yes sir Bob.

People put their trust in me to give them a service,
I can not conform,
I must perform.
I can't just blow them off or give them the heave ho!
I can't take a night off,
Or tell them what I think of them.

You know the size of their ego's
You know men!

There ego's are out of here,
While they talk a good game,
I can do so much better,

See you finally realize,
I'm just mere chemical floor stripper!

Taking things off is my speciality!

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Good Chuckle, thanks: -)