My Life For You

This love for you will grow every day and way,
It will grow when you look at me and say,
when you say my name in your beautiful voice.
It grows when I hold you close and close your eyes,
And feel your heart beating with mine.
It grows when our hands meet entwined,
Each of our fingers get entangled in once,
We be together so perfectly and smile abundance.
It grows when I tease you,
And you can't help, but laugh a few.
It grows when you talk about us in the future,
Because I couldn't imagine it in my dreams nurture,
With anyone else but you.
And most of all it grows when you say I love you.
I am not ashamed to say it or admit it.
I am an addict now i realize it,
But an addiction in a special way.
You see my one desire, craving is you when I say.
I am an addict and my one addiction is you.
Sometime I find myself willing to do something new,
That's just a piece of you.
When you are near I enjoy the time of crew.
I realize I need you more and more than ever.
I am out of control and all I want is to love you forever.
I need and want only you,
In dark or in the way, it should be with you,
In the days before I meet you in life,
Things were not so great to alive,
The darkness was felt in deep days,
My life was full of cursy haze.
In the days before I cared for you,
Even before my first talk with you,
I felt my life restrained in a side,
Within a little box which is hide,
And now that I love you,
I look forward to each and every day in style,
You opened up a part of me,
That wouldn't have been opened in any other way,
The night that keeps us safe,
The light that we embrace,
The moon above is so peaceful and true,
The same peaceful light in which I see in you,
You watch over me and me for hours,
And I watch over you and you for hours,
I know together our love will always bloom,
I longed to be with you,
You longed to feel my presence in life's way,
But our love got stronger and stronger that each day,
The special relation that keeps us close,
The fullest strength that I always applause,
When things are changing all around us at last,
And the world seems to move now too fast,
Don't forget, I'll be right beside you,
When you look ahead to future changes of me and you,
Think about how the past used to be,
Don't forget to look beside you and see,
Because that's where you'll find me most loving you,
With all my heart in front of you,
That's one thing you can count on,
That will never change on,
How today you and me became we,
I will never know thee,
But now that I have you in my life,
I can never let you go,
It all living in a dreamed day so new,
A love like this which includes you,
I love you more than what I say,
With you in every stolen day,
The tears you brought for me in your eyes,
Gets me through each day and touch the skies.
Forever in your arms that's what I pray,
As it is where I want to stay,
When I first met you, I just thought wise,
You would be another person coming into my life,
Then eventually leaving,
But as our time together moved on, I realized,
You were different, you were so special.
You treated me good, you made me feel like a person in me,
I felt delighted to get you after bending on knee,
Every night as I laid in bed thinking about you,
There I realize how much I love you.
I never want to leave you, I never will,
And nothing could ever change that, neither if you feel.
In my dreams you are there,
You smile as I run my finger in your hair.
Your eyes are soft.
Your hands are smooth,
Your voice is strong but sensitive, too
You care for me, die for me.
As I would for you, you're my love.
You are my dream forever, it shall seem.
Now I have what some day I dream.
And in your arms I shall always fall.
You are my that special dream, over all.

by Anish Chouhan

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