My Life In A Bottle

Poem By Peter Generazio

Growing up nothing seemed right to me.
I felt like the only tree in the forest without any leaves.
There was no specific reason that I felt that way,
but something was missing, that I have felt everyday.
I seemed to be an outcast, this was clear in my mind,
for which that something was missing, I had to find.
I searched for it in a bottle, and that pain left for awhile,
that empty feeling came back, along with the denial.
The pain was greater than ever, I thought I hid it from everyone.
The urge to use was so great, once again I was on the run.
I knew I had a problem, I didn't want to live in this pain,
I didn' know what was wrong, I thought I was going insane.
You could say this was my bottom, my lowest point in whcih I could see.
I never realized how I affected those who were very close to me.
A friend took me to some meetings, I started to hear some hope,
welcoming hands went out to me, I was no longer at the end of my rope.
I took all the suggestions, because I don't want to feel that way again.
By letting the grace of God in my life, slowly the change began.
What made me keep attending those meetings,
was the hope and feeling that I belonged.
I knew it was God working through other people, and the love from my family that I've wronged.
I had to go outside of myself, and reach out like they did to me,
I'm so grateful for this miracle, and a new world in which i can see.
I try to treat everyone equal, with unconditional love from my heart,
I want to thank you so much God,
for the opportunity of a brand new start.

Peter Generazio 5.23.1997

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Thanks for sharing your strength, experience, and hope, , , , , reminding me also of my poem 'Amber Rage' and 'A Drink', , , for yes I have been there, , , , ,

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