Why? ? ? ?

why is it so hard
why do i have to live with gaurds
all i ask is why
why do you make it this way
or why am i so shy
i just want to move on by
i hate to say goodbye
you were once the love of my life
now its just like a knife
that one stabbing my heart
i just wish u would tell me why
why you do the things you do
the things that make my mind
that always falls behind
its just stuck in a binde
i just wish we could let
the past blow away
and be able to say
were going the wrong way
that way that were not supposed to go
i ask you why you have to blow
that life you used to have with snow
when its the white powder with a smooth flow
i just with i did not have to go
to this place that i cannot choice to flow
flow on by
with a crual pain
that will always be in my vien
all i ask is why
why cant we lay with eachother
watching the sun rise and fall
i just ask why
why did my life turn out this way
with out my being able to say
how much i wish we could have stayed
in a relationship that we did not have to play
the games and pain
that we did to eachother
all i want to know is why
why did it turn out this way?

by Terrin Fuller

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