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My Life Is A Baby Boy
SN (13th October 1980 / lagos, nigeria)

My Life Is A Baby Boy

My life is a baby boy
Born on Monday
Orphaned on Tuesday
Destitute the day next

On Thursday I go to university
To get a degree
They give it to me
I seek next a job

I meet a damsel on Friday
She says she likes me
I too like her
And soon we are wed

Saturday brings another baby boy
I name him Madu
He has his life ahead
He will be like me

I train him to grow well
Teach him to meditate
Inspire him to love
Force him to work hard

I bend coarse will with strictures
I never let him stray
I was orphaned early
I know life is hard

This baby grows
Becomes a man
He will inherit my wealth
When I die

Sunday brings death
Priest and doctor at my side
One thinks it a hopeless case
The other says eternal hope

Who knows what it is like
On the other side
I leave Madu my estate
I go on over

He was a baby
So was I
He is now a man
He too will join me there.

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