My Life Is A Thread

My life is a thread.
But not the one that is smooth and tidy.
It is dirty, rough and has enormous knots.
All have knots in their threads, they say.
But it seems, the knots of my thread;
Were tied together at one place.
The thread is burning, lighted from one end;
And I have to run, run for my life.
Just when I am about to take a breath;
The knots come between;
Large, insurmountable and lofty.
I climb them hard.
But it is tiring.
The fire is closing in;
And I can feel the heat,
But there are knots on my way;
And I am deadly tired.
Nobody can help me, no one can.
I am alone, all alone.
I am the only one who knows what my life is like;
People think it is easy, but they are wrong.
They think so because their knots are well spread;
But mine form an aggregate.
Still I run, still I run.
There is fire just behind me;
That wants to swallow me;
But I still want to run;
Because there is hope these knots will end some day.
And a smoother thread will follow.


by Swapan Deep Singh

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